It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. A lot has happened. My cake plates have been accepted into two juried craft shows. The first is Indie Craft Parade on September 6-8th at the Huguenot Mill in Downtown Greenville, SC. The second is the 2013 Farm Fresh Fair and Market on September 21st at the Farm at Rabon Greek located in Fountain Inn, SC. I feel so very honored to have my work accepted at these wonderful shows.

A wonderful friend of mine took photos of my cake plates for these events and I’d love for you to all see her work. You can visit her site at kristaruse.com

cakeplate-29 copy Indie Craft 5 Indie Craft 3 Indie Craft 4 cakeplate-18 cakeplate-25

My cake plates are also being sold at Mountain Creek Mercantile in Greenville, SC. This awesome shop is best described as the love child of Cracker Barrel and Mast General Store. Its a refreshing place with local handmade wares. You can get everything from homemade pies, to handbags, to restored furniture. The owners are the nicest people you’ll ever meet!

Finally, I’ve opened a Facebook page to promote Xenia hospitality and home decor. Go like our page and check out even more pictures of our product.


Why Xenia?

When I was looking for a name for my hospitality and home decor business I stumbled on the Greek word for hospitality- Xenia. The look and sound of the word fit my personal aesthetic and made for a catchy title.

Romans 12:13 encourages us to”seek to show hospitality” and it is my desire to not only fulfill this verse personally, but also to provide tools, tips, and products for others to do so also!

The overall purpose of this blog is to show my own attempt at hospitality and DIY home decor along with the inspiration I’ve gained from others.

New beginnings

So, I’m new to the blogosphere and am, by no stretch of the imagination, NOT a writer. So why write? Well, it’s a new beginning, a fresh idea, a way to stretch myself, an opportunity to voice my ideas and opinions that my three year old and almost two year old could care less about, and mostly because I want an excuse to share my passions.

My passions right now are anything to do with hospitality and home decor, particularly anything DIY. From hosting baby showers to making upcycled cake plates. Come join me on my new beginning.